Tuesday, June 7, 2016


...examples I love.

On our drives (out and about) from time to time I must stop and photograph great homes that intrigue me and that inspire. Here is one of them!

This is an actual 'shotgun' or 'row' home (that is for sale) on Main Street in Racine, WI.
Is it not fabulous?

What a compelling specimen of period architecture this is! This home was built in (here it is....) 1855!

Think about that! As my husband would say: "They knew how to build (things) back then!"

A Dutch roof (the house next door) drives me wild (as well.)




  1. I LOVE that house! It would be fun to see the inside - did you look up a realtor link? Sometimes those show the interior if it's for sale.

  2. Yes, Lynn! I did but your idea is great! I will try it again and let you know!!! I'm glad you are as thrilled by this house as I am!!!!! ;-)

  3. Lynn! Here it is! Would love to go inside and to see the fireplace mantels close up and the like! Check it out!


  4. We also love driving through old neighborhoods and admiring the architecture. In Milwaukee there is one house (perhaps more) with windows crafted for the house by Louis Comfort Tiffany.

    I love these "shotgun" houses. The realtor tour is lovely. Hope the neighbors are quiet since they are so close. :)


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