Monday, July 25, 2016

Too Cute

Closeup Heavenly Yellow

Process of Opening


  Today: Already eaten (in part) by birds...:-(

Our Lone Sunflower (planted by accident in a vegetable garden...) :-)

A rare sunflower beauty. :-)
(My husband was able to discern this was 
a sunflower early on and left it to grow.)

"Why, hello."


  1. You mean it just volunteered? (My mom's term for a plant that just pops up unexpectedly.) Love that first photo the most - the pattern in the middle of the flower is mesmerizing. God's beautiful world...

  2. Love the first close up. Thanks for allowing me to look into the depth of a sunflower.

  3. Lynn...I like that expression :-)

    Granny glad you liked the close up peek! I find my sunflower friends simply mesmerizing!

  4. What a nice surprise. Your garden looks lovely.

  5. So happy that your husband recognized the sunflower and let it live and come to flower! Beautiful garden, truly it is.

  6. We are practically neighbors ... I live about a half hour south off the expressway. And, I have many volunteer Sunflowers planted by the birds and squirrels that I feed in my back yard. I never tire of them ... they are beautiful, as is yours. I have also been on the Parkway and to Florida so we may share some common memories albeit with different takes as our backgrounds are our own. Lovely post ... enjoyed your blog and will be following you.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  7. Andrea, I'm such a putz and do not really know how to 'hook up' with you via G+; but thank you for stopping by!!!!! My, we do have a lot in common, too. ;-)


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