Sunday, August 28, 2016


 Tonight's fare: Rare Cedarburg,WI jalapeño cheddar brat paired with a specially made bun and vegetable paella (short grain rice dish.)

Vegetable paella made in a (large) cast iron skillet; Paella recipe (we made a purely vegetable variation) found on page 9 of art culinaire; fall issue; volume 70.

Rare siting: A 12 inch Cedarburg, WI jalapeño cheddar brat browned in a pan with Black Boss Porter (by way of Poland.)  

(...I like gleaming surfaces.) 
My kind.

lg :-)


  1. You make it difficult for me to stay on my diet.

  2. Granny Annie! I know!!! Being my husband is such a good cook (although, I must admit that I bought and made the sausage...) I struggle to keep my weight down while being tempted by loads of good food daily!!!!!)

  3. It is hard to say "No" or..."I'm done" when the beautiful (and gleaming) food sits right front of you! ;-)

  4. P.S. If you 'just' ate the vegetable paella I think that you would be in good standing...

  5. Yum! I saw a recipe for vegetable paella I want to try. Did you use that rice that sizzles at the end?

  6. Lynn, When you google paella, it says that to make it 'authentic' you use Bomba Rice. We did not have this/haven't found it. My husband shops at about 5 (or 6!) different ethnic groceries, so he has access to all KINDS of rice. For the paella pictured, he did use a 'medium' grained rice that he says, was tiny (really really small compared to a VERY long grain Indian rice that we use for many other favorite rice dishes that we make; including a multiplicity of stir fried rice recipes...) Hope it helps. Let me know what you end up trying! It was well worth making. Using the cast iron pan enabled us to cook it stove-top and then put it into the oven. It got golden and crunchy on the bottom (which was like a bit of heaven!)

  7. In all our years in WI, I never learned to appreciate brats. But my husband, son, and daughter made up for that. The veggie paella sounds (and looks) delicious.

  8. NCmountainwoman, So glad you liked your 'visual' taste test! I actually prefer Italian sausages...but these home-made local brats were hard to pass by (and I am glad that we tried them.) :-)


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