Monday, December 28, 2009

Frozen in time

Well…I'm back. J

I know~it's been a bit of awhile.

 Let’s just say "I've covered a lot of ground" since my departure.

I left off making bread and then I managed to fall off the planet 
(well, nearly.) And…I cannot stay on long.

On Christmas day we collectively did endeavor (ha!) :-) 
to set a new record where I live… for the 'most trees that 
snapped off' (in the ice.) 

They are now calling what 
happened here in the Appalachians 
"The Ice Storm of the Century" 
in which a state of emergency was officially 
declared (for real.) These are some pics 
from Christmas day itself, when we thought 
the storm was fun. 
It soon went from fun and entertaining 
to mind-blowing and at times... mind numbing. 

Do you believe these photos??

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