Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Snow...snow...S-n-o-w...and then...ice.

Here are a few most recent pics of our area!

As you can well see, the foliage is still encased today in thick icy blobs; dribbles,
and is almost finger...or glove-like!

It is kind of compelling now (but actually caused a lot of difficulty to our infrastructure/lights/power and damage to almost all the plants and trees it adhered to.)

In some areas (as in where the road is plowed) it's an ugly mess; like after a hurricane (with downed tree limbs, cracked trees and branches of all shapes everywhere. They are frozen into the snow.)

It sure feels absolutely wonderful to be 'out and about' (which I now am; mostly running errands for my kids...:)) God Bless you. Check this out 4 sure! Back later friend. Kudos to you!

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