Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Appalachian Views

Spring Deer "On the Run"

Mist Playing with a Mountain Top (1)

Mist Playing with a Mountain Top (2)

This past Saturday's car trip produced some
fabulous panoramic views
of wild clouds 'playing' with mountain top peaks. I especially
love when the clouds 'take over' a mountain top totally obscuring it...
and then gradually re-reveal it! I could watch the process all day...
On the way in to the gravel road excursion, we caught a bunch of lively
spring deer running and munching on new growth.
Note the grass is green! Click on the deer photo and do note
the intensity in the deer's eyes looking right at camera!
That shot is 'as is' aside from the color being bumped up a bit.
The look on that deer's face 'got to me!!' He's like..."Hello!"
Today (Tuesday) does not

permit photos :-(
It is gusting to 55 and wet with mixed snow and rain [although
I can say that by now (April) the snow does not stick on the
roads or even much of the ground (just pockets) as the ground is
too warm.] I cannot say that I do not mind the 'not sticking' part...
(at this point.)


  1. You live in an enchanted place, lg. Just lovely.

    We had wild weather last night - I probably should have been more concerned about it when it was happening. :)

  2. Lynn~ I added the part about clicking on the deer pic and seeing his eye intensity/expression. Hope you caught that. I sometimes re-revise posts as I go to tweak them...

  3. Lynn~ I know. I saw lightening and just turned over the other way. Ha! We've been through so much 'weather' here in the High Country...I am 'almost' immune.

  4. I agree, you do live in enchanted country. What a great photo of the deer, especially of the one looking right at the camera. I always love coming to visit your blog.

  5. NoviceArtist, Go glad that you 'stopped on by...' and that you saw and you liked that particular pic! I did too and I'm happy I could share it!

  6. Yes, enchanted it is....If you get the chance to visit the Appalachian Mountains well, it might (could) change your life! At least, that is what I think! :):) I am grateful and thankful to live here.

  7. lg, I love how that one deer is looking right at you as if to say, "It's okay, guys, it's just a paparazzi!"

    We've been having the same bizarre weather. I'm sooooo sick and tired of snow...though we did have a wicked T-storm the other night to add some excitement to the mix!


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