Monday, April 11, 2011


Remember the old song
"Down in the valley
Valley so low-
Hang your head over...
Hear the wind blow."
We took a car trip this past Saturday and
this is a shot from a place called Elk River Road.
It is a winding (and I do mean radically winding)
road that drops about 2000 feet from the Blue Ridge
Parkway down to a valley in the foothills and to a gravel
road next to a small stream. Here is the view
from 'up above.' If you (double) click to enlarge, you
can get the feeling of being high above
that small, green valley. Oh, and
(do) let the wind ruffle your hair.
It is warming up here and right now,
it is just
plain beautiful;
the temps are hovering in

the 40's, 50's and the 60's.
Have a great day!

Sending blue rides...
and a big wave 'Hi...' from the
small green valley~


  1. Hi-Ho back, lg! Thank you for being so cheerful - I like that and your photo!

  2. Hey Lynn! Have a truly great day! And 'Hi-ho' from down in the valley :)

  3. I felt the wind, lg! :) I remember that song.

    Hope your day is a beautiful one.


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