Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Mountain Beauty

Racing Clouds...

Snow Topped

Majestic in the Spring Sunlight

Saturday brought us temperatures of 44 degrees and snow!
We procured these shots from deep within
the Appalachians via a trip on a LONG gravel road.
I am not great at navigating so when we do go 'off road'
I am never really sure what mountain peak
I am photographing (unless my husband knows...)!
We are still hoping to photograph a BIG black bear
(or several) in the wild...and you will be the first to know...) :)
This is bear country. Today, (Monday) it is going to
about 70 degrees for a high but with winds gusting to 50 MPH.
I think that is odd. But the expression for the High Country's weather
is "Just as you get used to the weather (here) changes."
That is altogether true. Thunderstorms tonight and dropping
back down to 40 for a high tomorrow. The mountains
are caught up in changing weather patterns and
unpredictable temperatures here in
western North Carolina in the spring!
Enjoy, friends!
lg :)


  1. We are supposed to have frost the next two mornings, too. So the plants come back in again. Sigh.

    Lovely photos, lg!

  2. Your views of the sky are just gorgeous, lg. Must be so inspiring every time you look out the window.

    We're having the same crazy weather, lg. The snow was (again) gone, but last night we got 2" and it covered the poor crocus (who I am certain were as unhappy as we...then we had thunderstorms and a high of 55 (felt super warm) with super strong winds today. Just very unpredictable right now.

    We used to live in bear country in northern Ontario and seeing them at home in their habitat is an amazing thing. But please be careful! :)


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