Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Beautiful Spring Blooms

I am having a very lazy day! It has become
blustery and rainy today with front after front passing
over the mountains. I managed to slip out and catch some
of the blooms (in the rain) in my front yard. My favorite is a
big very light pink blooming bush that we have on top of the
'humpback whale road;' as I like to call it. The light pink and
almost paper-thin blooms
are so delicate and lovely.
They are already attracting
rather large bumblebees
and I did see one black
and blue
butterfly on the flowers
just the other (sunny) day!

Enjoy :-)
(Taking this week off...
as my daughter is on spring break!!)

lg :-)


  1. The blooms are breath-taking, lg! Just gorgeous! We've been having T-storms again today, but lovely pockets of sunshine tucked between.

    Hope you have a lovely lazy day and a fabulous week with your daughter.

  2. Those are lovely blossoms! I hope you enjoy your lazy days off. :)

  3. Aren't the light pink ones delicate?!
    Thank you Talon, for the well wishes!

    Lynn~Yes, even my therapy (for my shoulder) was canceled
    things are going my way to enjoy! You enjoy your day as well friend.


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