Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Monday

Branch Obscured

Morning Moon Glow


I was awakened this Easter Monday by
chirping, active birds and the soft glow of a
delightful half-moon in the morning blue sky.
I had never before truly understood the
intense white-light glow the moon gives off.
In the top photo, the hot white light reflection
totally obscures the branches that happen
to pass in front. Bottom: A pastel morn sunrise
through the (now) budding trees...


  1. Sounds like a perfect Easter morning, lg. It was a beautiful day in Atlanta, too.

  2. What a way to wake up on Easter Monday!!!! :)

  3. A beautiful start to the day, lg. I'm always amazed by the moon's power. It never fails to fascinate me. Gorgeous captures!


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