Friday, April 8, 2011

Found items

Spring Mountain Daises (Close Up)

A Found Ball Jar

The Red Ball

Today's post, 'found items' in the woods,
is dedicated with love,

to my Dad,
Richard Warner,
whose birthday would have been today;

April 8th (1933.)
Happy Birthday Dad!
I love you
(as you watch over us, Dad.)

And a shout out to all my
if they read this post.
:) lg


  1. What a lovely idea with the found items, and a lovely salute to your Dad.

  2. I know your dad watches over you and loves that you pay him this tribute. I lost my dad in December 2009 - I think about him every day.

  3. I'm amazed at what you can find in the woods!

    A beautiful salute to your father, lg. My Dad passed 15 years ago last month and he's forever in my heart.


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