Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pretty in Pink...

I am 'in love' with the wee soft pink flowers out front!
We had allot of rain and wind last night but thankfully,
it is pushing to be partly sunny and a blustery but
overall a mild day...I am saddened to see that
my neighbors (to the south) did not fair as well
last night. We were watching the big storm front.
It rode from the south to the north along the
Appalachians, but could not formulate itself
up in (to) the higher elevations...wreaking
havoc in the lower elevations (only.)
God bless those who found
themselves in this storm's path
and are even now,
picking up the pieces...


  1. I am just now reading about the devastation in Birmingham, Alabama - so terrible.

  2. They look like paper - so fragile and so beautiful!

    It's terrifying what nature can do - give with one hand, take away with the other.


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