Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Tangerine Morning...

through backyard pines...
Lofty breezes lift and separate my thoughts,
such as they are and ruffle my hair,
assuring me of a warm day. Soon,
a parka won't be needed. A light blustery
day is on order. Tangerine sky through pines
decorate the early morning mountain sky bright.
(Even) The big dog seems to indicate
a change in both the wind and temperature,
her head held high; thinking, estimating...
She is probably calculating just how many
squirrels there remain to run off, as she has just
recently made this her new job.
Ahhh. Such is life. It's simple, here.
And that's O.K. surely...
I'm swept away (here) by a
'tangerine day' of a morning.
Let us rise then,
and greet the
Let us rise then,
and greet
the day.
And I ...must


  1. Hope your day is as beautiful as the promise tucked inside that sunrise, lg.

  2. I like that your dog has her own job of running off the squirrels. When I used to pet sit for some rich people's dogs, that's how I could get them to go out to the backyard to hang out, by opening the back door and yelling, "Squirrel!!!"

  3. Talon~ Thank you for that sweet blessing. :-)
    Lynn~ What is it about dogs and squirrels?! I know for mine, they are so jealous of the squirrels apparent 'freedom...' jumping through the tops of trees. How dare they...when the dogs are tied to the confines of dirt and earth just to watch. (And my youngest dog has decided she is going to make them PAY.)

  4. My great niece, who is a walking toddler now, likes to run after squirrels in the park yelling. :) So they are equally intriguing to her, I guess. :)


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