Trees of the Forest (Fair)

They stood together, standing tall
and one could hear the other fall.
They grew together, leafed out, green,
full of life giving power
with a glossy sheen.

They grew roots together, and way down deep

and standing tall, these roots did keep--
on blustery day and soggy night,
in thigh high snow, with determined might.
Forest green and forest fair,
green-leafed beauty,
you will find me there;
alone in the quiet,
pensive in the wood,
where things are clearer...
appreciated, well,
Forest fair
a bastion,
keep me, here,
inside your palm;
just in your bosom,
and in the bloom,
safe in your tendrils,
make for me, room.
Just a space to stand alone with trees,
and I will find my praying knees
for song of thanks and breath of prayer,
to you, I lift
on mountain air.
Forest fragrant, forest fair
I choose you over
Over dew drop pond, or salty sea
I give to you, the best of me.
Beloved forest, forest well,
I choose, this day,
of you
to tell.


  1. Why thank you Lynn. I think it is my 'ode' to the forest as it stands, currently; about 80 to 90 % summer green, but soon it will fade and turn.

  2. Mm, so very lovely. The tree photo looking up great..never ending.
    Thanks for your tips.
    I plan on writing a book about a different Israel. Among other things, climbing. It would perhaps be a good match with some appropriate Bible verses and pictures.. just not by me, hehe

    Bless you!:-)


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