Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I heart trees...



  1. I ♥ trees, too. :) Did you put that heart on there, or did you stumble upon it?

  2. My niece, Molly was coming to visit and a HUGE backyard tree had a 'natural' heart on i painted it with acrylics and we played a game of "There is something special in the backyard that you need to find!" It was higher than her head but so naturally, it took her the week to find it! I have been meaning to put it on the site (as i think its lovely) but my father-in-law is in for surgery. he spent 61/2 hours being operated on yesterday plus for some odd reason blogger is uploading sooo slow for me. I have snippets of time right now and actually had to cancel the blog and leave the house before it loaded yesterday. I am thinking of possibly changing to Wordpress (?) I also have a broken link (here) and cannot fix it or figure out why!

  3. Thank you for stopping by, Lynn! How did you do the heart in your comment?!

  4. Wow - you have your hands full. I hope your father-in-law is OK today.

    I love that you did that for your niece. :)

    And I just pulled the heart out of the Microsoft Word symbols. You can copy and paste this one. Just highlight, cmd c, cmd v. ♥♥♥


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