Thursday, September 15, 2011

Trees of the Forest (Fair)

They stood together, standing tall
and one could hear the other fall.
They grew together, leafed out, green,
full of life giving power
with a glossy sheen.

They grew roots together, and way down deep

and standing tall, these roots did keep--
on blustery day and soggy night,
in thigh high snow, with determined might.
Forest green and forest fair,
green-leafed beauty,
you will find me there;
alone in the quiet,
pensive in the wood,
where things are clearer...
appreciated, well,
Forest fair
a bastion,
keep me, here,
inside your palm;
just in your bosom,
and in the bloom,
safe in your tendrils,
make for me, room.
Just a space to stand alone with trees,
and I will find my praying knees
for song of thanks and breath of prayer,
to you, I lift
on mountain air.
Forest fragrant, forest fair
I choose you over
Over dew drop pond, or salty sea
I give to you, the best of me.
Beloved forest, forest well,
I choose, this day,
of you
to tell.


  1. Why thank you Lynn. I think it is my 'ode' to the forest as it stands, currently; about 80 to 90 % summer green, but soon it will fade and turn.

  2. Mm, so very lovely. The tree photo looking up great..never ending.
    Thanks for your tips.
    I plan on writing a book about a different Israel. Among other things, climbing. It would perhaps be a good match with some appropriate Bible verses and pictures.. just not by me, hehe

    Bless you!:-)


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