Friday, September 9, 2011

A Way of Seeing (with my Heart)

A Way of Seeing (with my Heart)

I said

“Good morning”

to the sky…and the sky said


I watched the child say

“Hop, hop!”

to the squatting frog…

and the frog replied back with a short but rather high hop and a

“Blink, blink.”

I watched the green ocean ebb and flow and I saw the waves slap at the sky

and the sky said back

“I will embrace you with my azure


I watched the mother, watching over the child and I saw her think

I will protect you.”

I watch the old man sitting in his chair and I see him sob, with a heart that yearns

for all that has passed--

as I watch his young(er) son say

“Look over here, Dad.”

I saw the floppy eared little dog coming up the hill

and the dog said

“Cuddle me.”

I see the food on the plate, and the garden fresh food says

“Eat me! I am a gift.

Let’s celebrate!”

I see the soft spoken gray haired women standing still,

dressed in gray

leaning hard against her cane, quiet--

yet, she is telling all those who will listen

“Slow down.”

I see the clothes, washing themselves today

and saying

“Smile, it suits you.”

I see the ivory keys, white, in sharp contrast to the dimness of the morning light

and they arrest me saying

“See me.”

And C through E chime in, saying

You need to pay us a visit.”

I see the baby, with tears streaming down her swollen, red and puffy cheeks--

and I hear the

“Drip, drip,”

as she glides past

riding up high

in the front of

a shopping cart,

cold metal--

at an hour unlikely

and I see

the mother’s absent-minded stare also blank,

as she tries hard to maintain her state of


fingering the clothes, and I hear her empty sighing

as she lingers in the aisle--

and all the while

I hear

the screaming cry

of the young little baby, as it demands to be heard,


“Mother, mother, let me lay my head down…and

put me to bed. I need my rest— now,

this instant. ”

I see the big black truck menacing me and my car bumper says

“Watch out! This is not a stable person.”

I see the mist laying itself completely over the top of the trees and it says

“Come now and play.”

I see the heat streaming in curves and rising

up off of the pavement—hot, hot

and it says



  1. That's lovely, lg. I'll bet you see with your heart all the time.

    A woman I crossed paths with in the park yesterday was crying and I almost asked her if I could help. But her body language didn't invite comment. I worried about her and then crossed paths with her again on the return trip and she had stopped crying and looked better. I like to think the exercise and beautiful surroundings made her better. Your poem brought back this memory.

  2. Lynn, I love that what I wrote provoked this thought-memory and I enjoyed your (thoughtful)and (as always!) insightful comment.
    Thank you! Hope your weekend sails, Lynn!
    I know what you do mean about people, though. There is a time to (simply) let them alone (to deal with their stuff.) All we can do sometimes, is to hope (on their behalf) and to pray (if so lead.)

  3. Like your seeing..
    Should have more of that last word here..
    Hope you have a blessed weekend. Hugs from Tania

  4. Hugs and a good weekend to you, too Tania!


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