Thursday, March 22, 2012


Clouds at Play, Unveiling

Clouds Rolling Off into the Distance

Emerging from a Slumber

Expansive Beauty with the Sun Peeking Through

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There was thick mist hanging all about the mountains
this morning (on my trek to school at about 4000 feet)
so it lead me to believe
that at about 5000 feet there would be
of a view, and I was right.

I hope you enjoy these
shots of the spring-time
mountain mist and
clouds hanging out on the top
of the Appalachian mountains of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

It was bright and sunny up at 5000 (feet) but
the view downward
was definitely a most heavenly one!

I cannot help believe that it is because
the mountains unveil
themselves as such, that former
generations of 'mountain folk'
could be heard to shout
and sing up a storm in these ol' hills.

I cannot deny
that if you look down and all about on these
being unveiled, that in spite of the curse of poverty,
ill health or whatever might be ailing you...your spirit will
sing upon beholding the expanse of this dream; the slow
moving billows of cloud groups that hang still and then play
at moving upon the tree lined hills.

To study the bumpy batches of gray-white clouds
as they roll off into the horizon,
it gets you to wondering,

just where does the sky begin?
It also gets you to wondering
some other things,
as well.


  1. "Emerging From A Slumber" looks like a big cloud kiss.
    Thanks, PKP

  2. You live in one heck of a beautiful place, lg.

  3. Gorgeous. It always is a feast for us to be over the clouds (and not just on a plane)

  4. It makes me think I could just stroll out onto those clouds and pick a nice place to sit softly and do some contemplating. Just gorgeous shots, lg!

  5. "I could just stroll out onto those clouds and pick a nice place to sit softly..." It's a date, Talon. :-)

  6. It is very beautiful! Looks like cotton in a dream.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend:-)

  7. "like cotton in a dream..."
    Yes, spiderdama, well said. :-)


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