Monday, March 12, 2012

Sights and Scenes...

Simply Delicious! (Large pink flowering bush; so early!!) :-)


Salmon Door

Light Pink Blooming...

Asheville Street Mural

Saturday was a good day for a car trip to
Asheville, N.C. to take in the local scene
and some good food. It was in the mid 60's
with moderate sunshine. Asheville is 'loaded up'
with culture; murals, street artists, musicians, great
food choices and varied stores (including antiquing.)
We ate
Indian food (which I LOVE...) while taking in
leisure (for the details, I ate potato and pea stuffed
pastries over long grain white rice with garbanzo beans
bathed in Indian spices; and it was much better than the
average...) We shopped at a local organic grocery store for
bulk spices, and walked and then walked (some more)
all over the downtown. Asheville boasts one of the
biggest Goodwill stores in the nation (among other
things, mind you :-) ), so we had to
pop in there.
Here is a sampling of a local mural, the
and bushes in glorious bloom and bud, and
wonderful local architecture that I admired.

What is it about wonderful old wooden
doors that beg the need for study ?


  1. That sounds like a wonderful day, lg. That bush at the top takes me back to my grandmother's house in Macon, Georgia - it is a Camellia bush. They are cold weather loving shrubs that bloom in the winter.

    I love wooden doors, too. Asheville is a magical place and your lunch sounds divine!

  2. Those blossoms are a feast for the eye, lg. Thank you! And what a delightful day that sounds like. What gorgeous architecture.

    Wood always has such character, doesn't it? And the shapes of doors can be so unique.

  3. Lynn~ Thank you for that; a Camellia bush! I had no idea...

    Talon~ Yes, Talon, the old wood has so much character; yes, that's it. :-) P.S. I thought that you might like those blossoms, they took me by surprise, yes, indeedy!

  4. Love your pictures, especially the last mural, a gate to.... a new world?


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