Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Doors

She stood looking at the strange door.
"Should I go in?"
"What could be in it for me?"
she wondered.

She jammed her hands into her
dungaree pockets.

Then she dragged the toe of her
shoe through the
damp earth,
back and forth.
She knew she was stalling.

"I guess I'll go," she thought.
"What do I have...to lose, anyway?"


  1. I could just see her, thoughtful and curious, lg. It would be a hard temptation to resist! :)

  2. I like what is on the other side of that door!

  3. !! You guys are great (Talon and Lynn.) Yes, let's go though the door; actually door after door...and yes Lynn; that is a representation of the kind of thing(s) that await (only) the BRAVEST of souls....
    :-) :-)


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