Tuesday, March 6, 2012



Corner Barn

Bird Feeders

Last Year's (garden)

Winding Road (as seen from above)

We took a short road trip this past Saturday
as the weather is perking up. I liked this view
(bottom) of the winding ribbon of a road.
When we do see this kind of view, we often think,
"Wait, have we been on that road, yet?" Let's think.
If not..."Let's go, soon!" Then, after mild
(on the weekend) it really snowed and
blew on Monday. Today (Tuesday) it has
cleared but it is cold (in the low 20's) this morning!


  1. Brrr...it's in the low 30s here this morning. Spring one minute and winter the next. :)

    Love those pics! Just think - this year's garden is right around the corner!

  2. It's been freezing here the last two days and I'm afraid we're just not used to it as it's been such a mildish sort of winter. It was so clear last night, so very cold. Sort of almost hurt to draw breath, but the skies were so glorious.

    I love that quilt against the rough barn boards. What awesome shots, lg! Soon we'll be back in the garden tending all the newly borns :)

  3. Thank you for your thoughtful comment and quote.
    Love all your photos on this page. x


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