Thursday, March 8, 2012



  1. Happy birthday - child of lg! Ah - to be 16 - drivers license, dreams of the future - one foot in childhood and the other in adulthood.

  2. Yes Lynn! Thank you (dear one.)My daughter is proud. I made the cake (today) and was so proud of it, I figured I would post it and you could eat it through the screen...

  3. Oh, what a sweet sixteen confectionery delight that cake is! Wish I could grab a piece through the screen. You made that, lg? You're so multi-talented!

    Happy Sixteenth to your daughter, lg! Don't they grow up too fast?

  4. Talon, so now I know that you like sweets, eh? :-) It tasted heavenly!
    (yellow butter cake inside with cream cheese frosting) I liked the wave of frosting in the front! I thought it looked sufficiently FUN.

  5. Nice:-)

    And what a very green picture in your header, also nice!


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