Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Fun & Weather

Hail, hail and hail.

Rolling Clouds

Munching Green Grasses

Frolicking Fun

"What?" :-)

Our car ride this past Saturday was most
enjoyable, with animals out all over enjoying the mild
temperatures and all the lush, green, grass as it returns...
So nice.

Top: Spring weather is very changeable! We have had
rolling cloud cover, steady winds (last night), rain, sun,
rain, and repeated hail storms, leaving piles of hail laying
about for hours on end. It looked like it was snowing--
there was so much hail on my car windshield
yesterday as I dropped down from the mountain
and cruised into town!
High country weather
is not for the faint of heart!


  1. Lovely shots, lg. I have forgotten - what town are you closest to? Blowing Rock?

  2. Both Blowing Rock and Boone. :-)
    I love love it here. It is such a small town. Slower pace...and of course, the mountain glory.


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