Thursday, April 28, 2016

Today's Breakfast

Purple Eggs and Ham


So here is my 'purple egg' breakfast that I thought you might like. I'll admit to being terribly 'spoiled.' With my 'husband who cooks' I have access to what I call "The World's Best" leftovers (almost daily.)
Here is one of his best standbys, a pickled purple egg (I do believe his Grandmother Louise made them often.) go with any meal, add plenty of seasonings (that would be salt and pepper; and of course, it goes without your liking.)

Please note the vintage salt shakers (needful to display for a good meal and a good photo shot.) :-)

However, I do not use these as they came from the 'Kolden' side (of my family; that would be my Dad's side) and the silvery gilding-type thin paint is peeling off.

I love them (nonetheless!) But they are too fragile to use!

Blessings and a good weekend to you all!

Karen ;-)


  1. Had never seen purple eggs!!
    Lovely image!!

  2. And does it taste pickled? Hmmm. I've never seen those.

    Pretty salt shakers - I love things like that, too.

  3. Lynn-I will take a close up of the salt shakers for you. They are a pair of my favorites...they came straight off of the family farm. They have salt and finely ground pepper still in them...

  4. Lynn...the egg is pickled with beets and onions. And yes, it tastes like a bread and butter pickle...only egg-like. I love them! One of my daughter's favorites!! We usually 'pilfer' just the eggs from the jar (at times...) We never can have enough!!! ;-)

  5. magiceye-I wish you could try one! ;-) Karen!:-)

  6. I have asked my husband to generate a recipe for these and will post it up when I can for you. :-) They are good to have on hand...


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