Monday, May 2, 2016

On writing...

On Having a Poem

Having a poem is like having a child.
Although, there is indeed, less pain--
you don’t often know what you’re going to get.
It could be a temperamental child. 
You hope to God it’s not a child gone wild.

Like a child, an infant poem
you can caress, perhaps even digress to
pamper it and pull it around in a wagon, of sorts.
You can bandy it about.
You can comb its long hair.
You can dress it up
and you can take it everywhere.

Having a poem is like
diving into a waterfall--
you don’t exactly know where you will end up.

Having a poem is like
being lost at night.
“Blink-blink,” there is a light
somewhere off in the distance…
You hope you can
catch up to it
and make it out.

Having a poem is like having a shiny, new penny.
You can finger it
and turn it ’round and ’round in your hand, some.
Then you can (hopefully) turn it over to a friend.

A poem is like a token.
Slip it in the slot
and just get on the train!
It might be a fast track or a long, slow ride.

Having a poem
is like (and unlike) having a child…
When it becomes a toddler and it
wanders off, alone, on its shaky legs,
don’t worry...
you can just let go of its hand.

© Karen Powell


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