Friday, August 12, 2016

Garden gone...

 Overhead shot today!

6 foot + tall tomato plants! Not ready yet...

Hidden Kuri Squash everywhere!!!!

Can you guess what this is?

(Milwaukee soil must be good!! 
...This is the biggest garden we have had yet!) 

Not even Boone (NC) compares!?


  1. Your friends and family must adore you for your garden. I am sure you share the bounty. Lots of hard work goes into such a beautiful yield.

  2. Granny Annie :-) Yes, we are collecting now to cook and freeze and to give away! Thanks for stopping on by! ;-)

  3. So what it that? I can't guess - no green thumb.

    Your tomato plants are almost ready and the home-grown tomatoes here are already gone. Loved them so...

  4. Oh!!! O.K. Lynn! It is an okra flower (that turns into the actual okra!) I seriously never knew about okra flowers or that they (even) existed! They are a beautiful deep blackish-purple toward the center and sheer white. Lovely. And delicate. :-)

  5. Oh I know an okra flower when I see one! Lovely garden!
    My dad's okra grows straight up. yours must be a different kind.

  6. Kay G. So glad that you liked the Okra flower!!! They are so beautiful. We still have them right now and it is September...:-)


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