Hanging on...

for dear life!

Can you spy the second one, too? 
"It's cold and wet...out here."

"Quick!! Freeze."
(Such culprits!)

Don't they know...I know they have been a stealin' the corn...
all along!



  1. That's very cute - yes, I can see the guy on the other side, too. :)

  2. Yesterday, one of them (I call him/her?) 'Fatty;' (because she is SOLID and quite wide) knocked over an entire rather large wooden deer I have at the front door to try and get to another 3 ear that I have hanging on the house! I might have to take them down...I was hoping to leave them until Thanksgiving, though!

  3. baili, Thank you for stopping by! The 'little squirrels' say "Hi!" ;-)


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