Monday, November 7, 2016

Quote for Today

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”  

~Benjamin Franklin

Dream big.



  1. What a wonderful, wonderful quote! I just mentioned Ben Franklin in my last post...I wonder how many people can say that? :-)

  2. I will keep looking. Good suggestion Ben:-)

  3. Kay G., Granny Annie, and miss Lynn! So good to see you (here.) Such a neat crowd we have! Each of your blogs are good reading! Yes, I recently gave a family friend a book of Ben Franklin quotes and I was so inspired and intrigued by them! Thus I 'had to' pick ONE to share; which is hard when you look at his prolific, stimulating writings...The shot is one I never shared before, taken in Boone, NC of a nearby mountain top with some homes/cabins on it. But it is a great view! (Probably taken from the Blue Ridge Parkway...)

    Dream big! :-)
    (...although the small things realized or accomplished are good to relish, too.)


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