Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Hanging on...

for dear life!

Can you spy the second one, too? 
"It's cold and wet...out here."

"Quick!! Freeze."
(Such culprits!)

Don't they know...I know they have been a stealin' the corn...
all along!



  1. That's very cute - yes, I can see the guy on the other side, too. :)

  2. Yesterday, one of them (I call him/her?) 'Fatty;' (because she is SOLID and quite wide) knocked over an entire rather large wooden deer I have at the front door to try and get to another 3 ear that I have hanging on the house! I might have to take them down...I was hoping to leave them until Thanksgiving, though!

  3. baili, Thank you for stopping by! The 'little squirrels' say "Hi!" ;-)


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