Tuesday, February 16, 2010

All that thrills my soul~

A Gift to you today!
[...the above photo is the
~actual color~

coming through our strangely
trees at sunrise.
This small photo
(both taken by my husband)

was taken after the
-red sky-...
Simply amazing-eh?
Will nature's splendor
ever cease? Today~
(Tuesday) we have 40-70 mph
winds this morning in blizzardy
conditions @ 16 degrees.

I wanted to get this photo out to you early
as I am concerned (at times)
when the winds gust that we will
loose our power.
No school here (again also...)

To the photo:
...methinks it 'tis truly
scrumptious; the red color thrills my soul. :)]

God Bless you!

P.S.S. :) I sent this photo out for
~Valentines Day~ [but not everyone
got it so here my offering is, again. :) :)]
We are peas in a pod snug
'on the mountain' today.


  1. I love your playlist - especially Joni Mitchell's River song.

    The sunrise is spectacular!

  2. Talon~ When I'm feeling a bit blue I play that song. It's lovely. I have never really found someone with a more interesting lyrical message and a complicated, compelling and almost mesmerizing voice (than Joni :)) She is a classic~ a singer/storyteller/muse just chocked full of talent, fun, verve and panache ! I like her style :)

  3. Thank you for the visit to my blog!


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