Thursday, February 4, 2010

Need i say more?

A 'posterized' version of our snow.
~Do you think that we're perhaps getting a
wee bit 'stir crazy??!~'
:):) Anyway~~"Hello!!"
(said with a Julia Child's voice here!)
to you today friend!
P.S. If it ever says "H-e-l-p!"
please send someone! Actually--I
'promise' to be like (brave) Nim
and I will (more to the point)
That way--you will know. :)
(Reference was from : 'Nim's Island;'
a great fun movie;
I loved Jodie Foster in it;
me thinks I'm 'like her!' :)
She played a hypochondriac
writer who never left her house...
but her stories were of a brave hero!)

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