Saturday, April 10, 2010

Photo Taking Drive Through the Appalachian Country


  1. The blossoms are gorgeous, lg! That tree is at the height of perfection!

    The photos are so beautiful. Is that your home perched up there on the mountain?

  2. No~~ we just thought it looked so typical of mountain top living; perched all alone up there with the largeness of the blue sky surrounding the wee home (compared to the actual mountain that is.) We live in an older ranch style home @ about 4000 ft. perched on a knoll (a flat and then rounded mountain top rocky mound.) We are fortunate to have allot of flat land; about 60-80 feet out in all directions for recreation, garden and dogs to run. Allot of people here have no real yard to speak of, as they are perched on rocky mountain outcroppings with stilts/pylons driven well into the mountain holding up the rear (and/or side) portion of their that they are kinda 'hanging off' of the mountain with their back porch having a lofty long view of the Appalachians....

  3. I forgot to mention~ some have the absolute nastiest of driveways; a STEEP drop off-type driveway down to their home...or a real steep drive UP. Sometimes I can't believe they can get in/out of their property!!


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