Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tiny wood daisies

along side
of the road.


  1. What charming little flowers.

  2. My friend Whitney lives in Belfast and has a post today about a walk in the woods. She posted pics of that same flower - looks the same to me anyway. Astounding that Northern Ireland and North Carolina have similar blooming things right now.

    (Whitney is a youth minister at a Presbyterian Church in Belfast - she used to work at my church in Atlanta.)

  3. Lynn~~Thanks! I will look that up. I plan to get a better pick of them; they do look absolutely sweet closed up; tender white large buds and when open kind of like large daisies. Hoping to get a shot of them when they are open.
    lg (hugs!) I do believe that we probably have a cooler climate like northern Ireland; we are above 3333 feet in the 'High Country' of the Appalachians...

  4. Yes Lynn~~ I do believe that they are the very same flower!! Thanks so much!!


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