Friday, April 9, 2010

Having a bear of a day?

Images from our trip
last weekend to
Grandfather Mountain.
Top: Another view of
a wind swept tree
one mile up.
Next: The only
ridge top high rise
on the Blue Ridge
Next: Suspension
bridge one mile

at Grandfather
Next several:
Lofty views from
one mile
Bear photo:
Was it...
in the wild
I wonder?
(I won't tell.)


  1. If that was a real bear, I hope you had a REALLY amazing zoom lens - lol!

    I have a thing about heights - my knees get weak just looking at the suspension bridge!

    Looks like an amazing trip, lg!

  2. I love heights Talon! It's weird but it's not one of the fears that I have!! I would actually rather stand on a HUGE 3 mile high bridge and look down to behold the view than watch a large hairy spider crawl across the floor!!!! eeeeeuuuuuhhhhhhh! Just thinking about it makes me want to run for the EXTRA LARGE fly swatter and then a BIG BOOK.

  3. I think I have a fear of bears - probably a good thing. :) But I definitely wouldn't want to walk across that bridge. No love for spiders either.

    Lovely photos though. Is that high rise a hotel?

  4. Yes Lynn. It is sooooo incongruous on the moutain top ridge; you can see it for miles and for miles. When they built it, people were outraged by the look of it on top of the ridge that they passed an ordinance that prohibits building ANY similar ridge top high rises in this area!


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