Sunday, April 11, 2010

Orange you...

glad about it?
Tell me what you
are glad about.


  1. Family, friends and faith. :) Peace be with you.

  2. I like that Lynn :) I am glad that I am alive! I am glad that the mountains are rejuvenating!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous shot, lg.

    I am so glad I get so see gorgeous sunsets, that I have family close by, and get to catch up with those far away, I'm glad I have a sense of humor because we're renovating and without a sense of humor we might end up divorced - lol!

  4. Talon~~ I know...moving...renovating....having a NEW puppy (all stress stress stress!) It is hard for me (a reformed perfectionist) to put up with imperfection and unfinished business!!!! It is really a test; I'm afraid that I can lack graciousness! I am impatient by nature (which doesn't help.) Best to you in your remodeling efforts; I know that they can be ongoing so to speak!!


Please do...tell.

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