Monday, April 12, 2010

Study in Stripes


  1. Good eye! You have such beautiful shots all the time. Sigh - I am here in my concrete jungle today, but sometimes beauty can be had there, too...

  2. Lynn~~Thanks! :) My favorite shot is the bottom's so subtle!
    (hugs in your concrete jungle!!)

  3. Gorgeous shots, lg! I can't pick a favorite because they're all so beautiful. I really love the citrus yellow in the third shot - so unusual! Stripes - aptly named!

  4. The ocean shots are from a few years back; but you know how one can obsess on something- I am drawn to patterns and stripey-type ones especially in nature....Can't get enough of them. I especially love patterns on tropical fish!! Would love to do a study on that some day!

  5. Hey hey hey!! I noticed last night that this was my 100th post (here on this site...) and that I had 100 visiters from the U.S. Hip hip horray!!! Woooo hoooo!!

  6. Congrats on your 100th. I have more than 500 now, but keep forgetting to do any mention of it. (I do try to do mix some nature into my concrete world. :) )

    Thank you for all the loveliness.


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