Thursday, September 23, 2010

Awesome Critters

Critters on view at a local county fair. The awesome birds are rescued and bottom; a farm raised alpaca. The fair was (very) small town 'ish' (in truly a good way; held in an old school and yard in a tiny valley in the mountains...hosted by 'locals...') and consisted of crafters and their wares, quilters, weavers, an old fashioned apple-press, wood carvers, food and horse drawn cart rides....Admission: $2.00.
:):) This is right up my (our) alley!!!


  1. Oh, lg, the owl and the hawk and the alpaca are so lovely! That's the way a fair should be - small, local, and full of the wares of earth and hands!

  2. I love things like that. The alpaca reminds me of a hand puppet for some reason. I must have seen a fun puppet with a sweet face like his somewhere. :)

  3. So very glad that you Ladies could come on along! It was a great day. Not too much walking as it was a very small fair; as fairs go! Lynn~ that's funny! They actually had a wee small finger puppet of an alpaca made of alpaca hair. It is (apparently) very desirable for spinning yarn (which they demonstrated as well.) :)
    So glad you both stopped on by!


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