Friday, September 3, 2010


by the U.S. Open :)
Hats off to young
18 year old Ryan Harrison
for a FUN and breathtaking
game against
Stakhovsky this afternoon.
Sorry for my non-posting
(behavior) the last two days...
as I am 'spirited away'
by the game.

Viva the U.S. Open!!!!

(...Forgive me~~I digress.)
I will so miss tennis this year!


  1. I'm deeply embedded in the Rafa match right now - lol!

    I was rooting like crazy for Ryan! He should be so proud! He's got a great future ahead of him!

  2. Hey Talon! So very glad to know that we are kicking back and enjoying the matches simultaneously most nice to have a tennis comrade!!
    Viva la tennis!

  3. It's sort of like you were watching the matches together! I should love tennis, but don't really. I watch Wimbledon some, but that's about it. I lived in a tennis-mad neighborhood when I was married - they had all those Alta teams and my husband enjoyed participating in all that. I didn't mind going to watch, but strenuously avoided playing myself. I'm mama's un-athletic daughter. :)


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