Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Late Blooms

Today is a beautiful day in the mountains. 'They say' it is going to be 90 down below; which does mean that it will be 80 here. These are gorgeous late summer days. Today's pics: Late blooming flowers. Top: CUTE yellow daisies are still hanging about, their long stems causing them to droop
down and look lazy and unkempt. Middle: pretty pink flowers hanging on all over the front planting area. I'm not sure just what they are- I planted them from seeds. They are hearty and require little to no care! They are beautiful when opening, much like a delicate rose only longer. Bottom: These beauties have taken over a plot by the front door. The intensity of autumn colors, well~ just 'Yum.' :)


  1. Those pink ones remind me of morning glories or petunias though the leaves don't look quite right for the varieties we have here (which are annuals here). Oh, those are all so lovely, lg! Seems autumn is sneaking in here quickly and not a lot of color in the garden now - a few cold nights have nipped some in the bud.

  2. "a few cold nights have nipped some in the bud."
    True about life too.

  3. My first comment didn't go through, I guess. I am thinking petunias, too, although I've managed to kill those before. :)

  4. Lynn~ I left these alone and have done nothing but water them. They did so very well from mere seeds. Hope they come up next year! Have a very fine day Miss Lynn!


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