Thursday, September 16, 2010

Subtle Color

As I walk away today the
low lighting and the subtle
colors bustling in the wind
beacon. The white plant
in particular seems
to pop and stand saying
"See me. You've wanted
a photo."
I want to wear
these soft colors,
like a ruffle in my
skirt~ layers of color
that float back;
mauve and pink,
creamy white
and lime white...
layers that float
like volumes of veils

in the wispy
mountain wind;
an ebb and flow
of this and that.


  1. Those look like hydrangeas (which I'm probably spelling wrong, but am too lazy to look up). White is so beautiful against the green, isn't it?

    Whenever I see a bend in a road, I immediately want to travel it and see what lies around it.

    Gorgeous shots, lg!

  2. They are indeed hydrangeas - mostly not blooming around here anymore. Love shots and the colors are breathtaking...

  3. Thank you Ladies! Those are the very blooms that I tried to cut and put in a vase last summer, only to come back and find several varieties of different sized and shaped spiders hanging down plotting their escape onto my dining table. These beauties are best left on the bush!


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