Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunrise (Series) in the Fall

Sunrise on the
mountain; at
about 3800
feet or so, give
or take a
few feet here
and there...
We had to

get up and
to photograph
this sky.
For some reason,
the sky and
all of its intricacies
seem clearer
and it has greater
color variation
in the fall here!
The colors are
rich, saturated
and very deep.
Ahhhh. Behold.
isn't it?


  1. Blogger is acting up for me today, so I'll try this again - lol!

    I love the changes of the depth and clarity of the sky at different times of the year. That sunrise is so glorious. Are there even words to describe something so lovely? I think it's something we feel looking at it that there aren't words for. What a beautiful way to start a day.

    It's been overcast here for the last couple of days (cooler air, though, so I'm happy) and I miss the sun.

  2. I love your thoughtful comments Talon. Thank you.
    Hope that you do get some sun soon! We still are on the cusp of summer/fall here with temps in the 50's at night and the 70's and low 80's in the daytime making for perfect weather; not to hot!

  3. Wow! Soooo beautiful. I would never want to live anywhere else after this? Are y'all there to stay?

  4. Yes~ we are Lynn. Our dd has 3 years left to finish High School. Our son is in college here so we are staying put!


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