Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Beech Mountain Views

More beauty from this weekend past...
Wild turkeys on the run way up on
Beech Mountain. I imagine that they
have a 'private' home :)
Golden yellows against a beauteous
blue sky!
My favorite! A typical curvy road
in the mountains of North Carolina
(with misty mountains
peeking through around every
curve here.) Amazingly compelling;
a storybook world indeed.
Water rolling off a mossy rock
onto the browning fall leaves...
Enjoy friends :)


  1. I love love love the turkey photo! Gorgeous photos, lg. Sad to think all the color will be gone soon!

  2. I do love misty mountains. Beautiful, lg! I don't know why I don't live up there - are there any jobs? (I hear they won't hire you unless you were born to the area.) :)

  3. Lynn~ Actually Samaritan's Purse Ministries and App State U hire...also if you are qualified you will be hired...This place is a touristy area so there a jobs at Ski places; restaurants and the like! At Beech Mountain (where this weeks' photos are from) locals are employed as to travel up a big mountain in the winter is not always the easiest thing...though people mangage here.
    My dh (dear husband) works at home from the PC~so there's always that. Local hospitals hire as well.

  4. Maybe the turkey will be gone soon?! (Oh...sorry.)!


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