Friday, October 29, 2010

October is Heaven

I took the liberty of zipping to the
Blue Ridge Parkway
to bring you some photographs
this morning
before 8:30A.M.

I saw deer and these gorgeous,
heady shots. The wind,
today was sustained at
blasts of up to 45 MPH.
My favorite: the wind sheering
off of the mountain top and
rolling the clouds up, just like carpets
and the top photo; the misty
'rolling hills'
at about 4300 feet
above sea level.
The Parkway,
where we are situated
consists of 469 miles of such
awe inspiring,
and protected natural beauty
and the best long views
that one can find.
I was glad to be
this morning!


  1. The morning light - so beautiful on the mountains. What a great way to start the day - I didn't realize you were in the zipping distance to the parkway, lg.

  2. Thank you for these gorgeous shots, lg! We've had some crazy winds here, too. I can't imagine how strong they would be at your high elevations!

    What glorious views to make a soul sing!

  3. Yes Lynn! The morning light is wonderful; the sun breaking across the ridges. I live about 4 miles from the Parkway! So; I can zip. :)

    Talon, YES! Yesterday A.M. the blasts were fierce! After the second photo taking session, my hands were tingly and numb and I could not use the camera. Had to sit in the car with the heat on moving my fingers (shocky feeling) until I could proceed. :) Must start to take my gloves, of course!

  4. Wow! You are really a good photographer. I love the way you capture light. I get goose bumps from how planetary some of these shots are. Thanks


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