Wednesday, October 6, 2010

October Pumpkins/Fall Views

We road out to West Jefferson,
this Saturday past...where at
the local Farmer's market that
we frequent the
gourds and the
pumpkins were
dirt cheap!
Check out the close-up

of the robin's egg blue pumpkin
(well, gourd!) Next up: Views of
the Blue Ridge mountains from a field;
I love the stripes of grass-trees-
mountains-then the velvety sky.
I am 'always' looking for
stripes of color and of texture
to photograph :)
These photos are mine.
The top waterfall pic
is with my NEW Olympus
camera :) (yes, today we
figured out how
to load the pics
my husband's PC while

mine is in the hospital!)


  1. That waterfall shot is fabulous! Looks like the camera is going to give you a lot of beautiful shots, lg! I hope your computer comes out of the hospital fitter than ever!

  2. Appreciate that Talon. I am 'moonlighting' on my daughter's PC during the day and my husband's at night!


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