Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fall Photos

The last of the roses for this
This one is currently bloomed out in the
front yard...I was surprised to see it! And
I do have another bush that has several blooms.
Pleasant surprise.
An interesting vertical rock stuck among
rocks over a waterfall; taken near Beech
Mountain last weekend. I am a rock person
(in more than one way.) :) Sheeze. I like rocks
on my hand, rocks in my pocket, rock walls,
rock formations and I suppose I even liked
the film "Rocky."
Leaf/Water Shot:
Beautiful color here; the water in a small
pond was so clear that you could see the
colored leaves all the way down to the bottom.
Bottom Two:
We managed to photograph a buck! He really
didn't desire to run; but we were slow and careful!
No fast movements for the shot taken from the car.


  1. I love pink roses - and what a beauty this late bloomer is! I was out photographing what's still blooming in the garden today and wanted to post some pics, but blogger isn't letting me right now.

    I think the buck knew you meant no harm, lg. :) Wonderful capture!

  2. The buck is looking at you with great interest, I think. And that rose is perfection.

    Love those floating leaves, too.

  3. Talon~ I am hoping that you capture some of your flowers yet in bloom (for us to see.)

    Lynn~ Yes, the rose is actually bigger and nicer than the ones early on. He was such a young buck! He was eating (something) at a very high elevation. He lives in a secluded place on Beech Mountain; hence his overall calm.


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