Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dear Readers,
Alas...I had to take my hard
drive in today...when I heard
the words "....if we have to....
wipe your hard drive...."
my eyes got as big as saucers!!!
It sent a shiver down
my spine! But the good
news is....I found a way
to access my NEW
camera's photos
without a fancy program...
I will be back in
business quite...soon!
:0 Yeah!
For now (though),
my husband's PC
will do...and
his photos too!
Lots of LOVE~
'louvregirl :)'

Today's Photos;
A beautiful quilt

on a small barn
makes it fancy.

The Waterfall Photos:
My husband has a
rare gift for photographing
waterfalls. He sets up a
tripod and he takes his
time. On our weekend (last)
-almost- :) ritualistic
car trip, we took
--a gravel road--
and we could hear
the waterfall just next to
our car. It was a very
quiet place, not well
traveled. :) Enjoy.
2nd to Bottom:
A lone tree falls
over the
rippling of a
quiet stream.


  1. marvelous images!
    looking forward to your work!!

  2. I love the thought of closing my eyes and listening to the waterfall. How lovely, and the photos are so beautiful.

    If I had a barn, I'd put a quilt on it.


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