Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bald Mountain and a Story

Today (Wednesday) is a gray day!
It is blowing light to moderate rain
so that I dare not take out my camera.
Perhaps I will procure a gray shot later,
as the fog and the mist here masking
the mountains and drifting in and out
is amazingly fun and wonderful to study!
The mountains are always changing.
Here is a shot (however) of a rocky,
bald mountain
peak through the trees
Saturday, last.
Photos never really
do these things justice,
as it is
a massive and a bold structure.

Click to enlarge (that may help get my
previous point across!) Honestly,
I am usually quite disappointed at
many of my photos, as they cannot
convey the size, mass and volume
of what 'goes on' here.
The Story (as previously promised...)

...On Saturday,
I saw something that
made me
scream out full volume!
As I told
of previously,
we took a car journey
deep into the Appalachians
and off
the Blue Ridge Parkway on a gravel

road to procure the shots that started
the week here on " Home in the
High Country."
The Story: As we were standing near a one lane
bridge with a small waterfall~~photographing,
a convoy of 'bad boy' BIG 4X4 trucks....
(5 in total) came whipping up the gravel
road leaving a gray-white trail rising.
My husband urged me, "Honey, step
off the bridge, quickly!!" (as it was a
true one lane bridge in the boonies
without side rail and such.)
To my amazement, the convoy
never slowed down one iota!
But~~ that's not all, friends. On
the back of the
middle truck, which had rails
and a large grated box with compartments
on it, laid draped ONE HUGE (very big;
startlingly BIG) hunter's catch; a very dead
(and I'm sorry here...)

He was massive in size...much larger than
I ever would have thought or dreamed that
a bear in the parkway could be. Honestly,
I'm no bear expert of any kind (obviously...)
but he looked to be the size of a grizzly.
He was the kind of
bear that~~
if I did see this size creature
near me in the wild woods;
I would be
very tempted to simply RUN off.
I mean shag it.
He was so large that he scared me

(even in his most unfortunate condition...)
The trucks sped by,
stealthily removing their
catch up and up
the long and the winding gravel trail.
And they were scary too
[I mean the people...
(...and who were they; were they
hunter-type people...were they normal people, I mean
???) with their blackened car windows up,
rifles and ammunition
everywhere~~and the gravel flying...]
Needless to say, my husband and myself
decided to head up and OUT, at this point as
neither of us had a single clue that it was most likely
bear hunting season in the Blue Ridge.
So today, an ode to the Big Black Bear...
Alas, this one, will travel the Blue Ridge,
no more, no more.


  1. I'm so sorry for that poor bear and I'm so glad you got off that bridge in time - no doubt you would have been knocked of it, lg! Scary to see people like that. The thrill of hunt, I guess... though it seems the bear didn't stand a chance. I'll never understand it myself.

  2. Yeah~like I'm not even sure that you can eat, do they kill it for 'the hide' or just for...the thrill or the 'pleasure' (of the hunt?)

  3. I was all ready to ask what they would kill a bear for anyway and see your comment. That's awful.

    One of my church members goes to Africa on big game hunts and has all manner of stuffed things in his basement den. Kind of terrifying really.

  4. Yes, you can eat bear. There is a niche market for game and unusual meats (buffalo, emu, venison, etc.) in some fine dining and some wilderness lodge-type vacation experiences. I hope you carry pepper spray (or a a Taser), Louvregirl, because one never knows when one could run into dangerous wildlife and perhaps even dangerous people. It would be good to know when the hunting seasons and then to wear a bright orange cap or vest if you're going to be shooting pictures where people could be hunting.

  5. I agree E.B. and thank you for all of the tips; also i did not really know that people ate bear (I mean; I thought it might be so...why shoot one just for the hide...'ya know??).....Also; thank for following my blog!!! Blessings to you! Hey~ the pepper spray is a good idea in the deep woods as well...ha! (for people too!)

  6. Yes~ there is a wild game restaurant here in town; not sure if bear meat is on their menu; nest time I will be more careful to look; but these types looked and acted as if this was their catch. They were serious (and seemed on the mean side if you know what i mean.) :)


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