Monday, November 15, 2010

Gentle Glories

These are in no particular order.
I slapped on my boots and my jacket
this A.M. and grabbed my camera.
It was 34 degrees but clear.
The sunrise was a vivid peachy
red-orange over the
still black mountain tops.


  1. Beautiful. Don't you feel super alive in the sunrise of a cold clear morning? It's a beautiful start to a day. Thank you for sharing these, lg!

  2. Beautiful photos--especially the last one. I wish I could get myself up early to enjoy the sunrise. Good for you!

  3. You're welcome Talon. Getting ready for my trip, so I'm not too terribly sure just how much I will post this week.

    Appalachian Lady, I take out the dogs before I take my daughter to school in the A.M. But, I just awoke to a beautiful sunrise (out the window) feelin' great and hopped early out of bed to photograph. Unfortunatley, it's not always typical of my day! Enjoy. :) So glad that you stopped by!

  4. Hey Mari~thanks! Fiery colors-yes?
    :) Have a good day!

  5. there are really beautiful photos that you captured... you are so blessed by the environment surrounding you... may i know what camera you use to capture these beautiful moments?

  6. malaymui,
    I'm glad that you enjoyed them and yes, I am most certainly blessed indeed. Hallelujah glory! :)

    I recently got an Olympus SP-800UZ 14 mega pixel camera as a gift. Thank you for stopping by! Have a blessed day!

  7. The imagery is simply breath taking.

    keep it up.
    love your blog,
    your poetry is divine.

  8. Jingle Poetry,
    Thank you so much! I'm touched. :)
    So very glad to 'see' you stop on by!
    Feel free to sit a spell.


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