Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hitting the Trail Soon...

My mind is ahead
on a family vacation!
The first photo is my family
hitting the wagon trail
during the week of Thanksgiving.
We will be heading further north
to visit family
and leaving the High Country
(only temporarily...)
I am so 'in love' with the mountains here
that my heart sinks inside when I look back
and see the big mountain peaks fading slowly away
on the way out and down and down (and down some more) then,
we all too soon find ourselves in the foothills.
This wee blog
will 'reopen'
upon my return
though; you can
rest assured

of that


  1. Have a safe and beautiful trip, lg. The mountains will miss you :)

  2. I know exactly what you mean - I always hate to see the mountains fading into the distance when I return to Atlanta. I hope you have a lovely trip - so you'll be gone until after Thanksgiving? I'll miss you.

  3. I'm leaving next week Friday (the 19th) and will be gone through the 27th. I am going to see my Mother and my 2 sisters and the rest of our family!! It will be probably just as cold up north as it is here (at 4000 feet.)

  4. Thank you Talon. That was sweet. :) I will be 'on' most of next week, however I have allot to do to prepare to leave as well.


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