Monday, November 8, 2010

Wee Furries

Wee furries creeping here and there,
dancing through the night.
Wee furries
with brown coats of hair,
winter winds are their delight.
Wee furries after apples, red
traipsing through the corn.
Wee furries
with their hooves alight
on a crispy winter morn.


  1. Golly - already! And the mornings do feel crispy. I like that.

  2. Lynn~ I walked this road the other day and found a clear hoof print. But the neat thing was the crunch crunch crunch of my footsteps on the crisp lightly frozen mud. All around I could hear thawing.

  3. We've had some wee furries already. I'm never really prepared, but I love the crunch which you describe so whimsically and well, lg!

  4. Thank you Talon! We put out corn (and apples when we have them...) nightly to feed the 'wee furries.' :) Yes; I was amazed by the crunchy noise on a part mud part leafy road I take here the other COLD morn. It has since warmed the low 60's today. That feels like summer!! Honestly!


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